‘Fried Chicken Pants’ Are A Real Thing But The World May Not Be Ready For Them

Those who work in the world of fashion design will often draw inspiration from a number of different locations. There are some who find inspiration that occurs naturally and there are others who can take a closer look at areas of society that would usually not seem all that interesting. The fashion designer who came up with the following innovation definitely falls into the latter category.

Once you see the pants that she designed, you just might get a tad hungry. These trendy pants have been crafted in a manner that allows them to resemble one of everyone’s favorite foodstuffs: fried chicken! We are trying our best to understand this design on a deeper level but when we look at them, all we can think of is Popeye’s or KFC.

No one actually knows if this was the designer’s true intent but it is tough to shake the similarities. All it took was one look at a woman wearing these pants to remind us of drumsticks. Perhaps they simply came up with the idea when they were already hungry and it seeped into their subconscious somehow. This is a common problem for creative types.

There are others who believe that the pants may have been designed with carrots in mind. They aren’t necessarily incorrect and this is a debate that will continue to rage on and on for years to come. While no one is able to agree on the matter, one thing is for sure: these pants definitely look like they are crafted with our bellies in mind.

They are taking the phrase “looking like a snack” to a whole new level. Fried chicken might be a favorite food for just about everyone who is reading the story but that does not mean that we would like to wear it. The last thing any woman needs is another article of clothing that causes her to experience unwanted harassment when she steps outside.

Your friends and loved ones are not going to believe a word you have to say when it comes to the existence of these “fried chicken pants”. That’s why you need to do your part and be sure to pass this story along immediately. All that is left to do now is decide whether we want a pair of our own. At the current moment, we are currently perched squarely on the fence.

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